Nothing Lasts Forever

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I think one of the biggest things I learned through my recovery is that nothing lasts forever.

Through the toughest days, weeks or months – nothing lasts forever. There is no emotion, situation or state you can find yourself in that does not end; no matter how permanent or strong it may feel at the time.

Every urge ends. Every overwhelming sadness. Every disappointment and grief. It all ends.

There’s a quote out there that I’ve honestly always hated: “Don’t make a permanent decision for a temporary emotion.”. I always hated it because when you are in that emotion or in that state, nothing about it feels temporary. When someone told me that quote when I was having a hard time I honestly just wanted to punch them – what did they know about how I was feeling, or whether it would be temporary? What did temporary mean anyway? An hour, a day, a week?

Well, the truth is that you never know when an urge or uncomfortable emotion or situation will end, but that doesn’t mean it is permanent. I spent years thinking I was un-fixable because I had been sick for so long, my urges for purging and restricting seemed constant, and any single urge lasted for hours. If I didn’t give in to the urges they just seemed to get stronger and more insistent. Well, when I started treating the longest and strongest urges as only temporary they were suddenly easier to wait out. When I started changing my definition of “temporary” to include the word “eventually”, I was more able to persist through the discomfort. Instead of telling myself that all things were temporary, I started saying that all things end….eventually and nothing lasts forever.

So the next time you are faced with one of those urges that seems particularly strong, don’t give in just because it’s been an hour or 2 and you still don’t feel any relief. It will end eventually, maybe not as soon as you’d like or as soon as you think it should, but it will end.

Stay strong <3


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