The Joys of Swimming

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Swimming is one of those magical moments where you become almost weightless. Your body’s relationship to the ground shifts. No longer are you mass being pulled into the earth in varying amounts (depending on time of day, what you’ve had to eat or drink) by which you feel the need to measure your self worth. You are simply a body, floating in this cool liquid with little to no relationship to gravity, the earth, or that number on the scale.

Yes your body still exists and has flaws, whether real or imaginary, that still govern our sense of self but your weight no longer matters.

I cherish these magical moments and really try to fully experience the moment. It’s not hard swimming in this amazing place to have your breath taken away by the view and our thoughts float away with the afternoon breeze.

My body is very different this year than it was last year, and I notice it in my swimming, regardless of my lack of weight in the water. I am stronger, more agile, I am powerful. I am no longer consumed with moving furiously in attempt to burn calories, I am no longer trying to catch glimpses of my body so I can criticize it or concentrating on using all my muscles, counting laps or refusing to come in because I’m not finished exercising yet.

What am I doing? Feeling the waves move me with the currents of the lake. Laughing with my friends as we navigate the rocks.  Floating on my back trying to be still, feeling the sun and wind on my face. Feeling my body move unencumbered by gravity or muscle strength. Delighting in the cool water and the warm sun. Breathing easily with my mind at peace, even just momentarily.

And now that I’m finished swimming, stopping because the wind picked up instead of my body giving in to exhaustion I am going to have a snack. Not because I earned it or can afford the calories but because I want some pretzels and crunchy cheezies <3

So, what do you think ?