Trial Period – Week 1

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Last week I saw my old dietician from treatment privately. I had been thinking about seeing her for a while, but it was only in my moment of crisis that I decided to expand my treatment team. She looked at my meal logs for the 2 previous weeks and looked mildly impressed!

Last time I saw her I was in treatment for the second time and was really not doing well with food. I had so many rules and fears, seeing her be happy with my food choices filled me with pride. She said that my variety in food choices was good, which is something I always struggled with. It is still pretty rigid in terms of the foods I eat when, but I have a good mix of “good” and “bad” foods, I also regularly incorporate fear foods.

She had 2 theories for why my body was continuing to gain weight:

  1. A medication I am on for my nerves after my car accident lists weight gain as a side effect
  2. My intake was not low, but was just on the boarder of being restrictive. My body may be holding on to whatever it can, expecting a major food shortage soon and slowing my metabolism and throwing my setpoint off.

The medication I am on is not one that I can do without for now, but I’m hoping that this second round of it will be the last. Things are going remarkably well in physiotherapy and hopefully my muscles and nerves will not need this medication in the next few weeks. This means that, for now, the only theory we could test was my limited intake.

H told me that she would like me to increase my intake and gave me a range that she would like my calories to fall between. I think she was expecting me to be resistant and fight her about eating that much in a day, but I reassured her that I was willing to do whatever she asked me to. H thought that a 2-3 week trial period should be enough to see whether or not her theory was correct, I chose to go with 3 weeks in order to get the most representative result.

Week 1 just ended and it was shockingly successful! I had a hard time getting my intake where she wanted it just because it is a lot to eat but I was able to get it all in. My weight has remained almost the same which is encouraging, it’s the first time in over a year that I didn’t gain.

I am not holding my breath but so far things are looking up. I have confidence in my treatment team and trusting that they have my best interests at heart.

Here’s to week 2!

So, what do you think ?