Babies don’t always cooperate

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OK, so getting on here once a week obviously isn’t working right now because the little one doesn’t always want to sleep when he should or for as long as he should. So, I’m typing this on my phone haha please excuse any typos.

Life has been turned upside down and you never know what they will throw at you. I love every second of it but I’m forgetting what day it is, what time it is and even what I’ve done in a day! Honestly, getting meals in is hard because I lose track of time but overall I’m doing well. I want to do a post on body image after pregnancy because it’s pretty tough but I’m sure I’ll get to it. The gist is this; I spent 9 months getting used to your body slowly growing, incubating this new life. I spent months getting used to the slowly growing belly and feeling my baby moving and know that it’s all magical and with it. Then all of a sudden there’s no baby anymore but the belly (albeit smaller) is still there. It’s suddenly squishy and soft and it feels like there’s no purpose for it anymore. Something I’m struggling with but am able to mentally push aside. More details later, my thumb is getting really tired lol. Till next time, this is my little guy sleeping on my chest right now :) I just love him. 14529732746931459505112


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