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So for 2 years I’ve been working on a workshop I wanted to run at my yoga studio.

The focus of this workshop is based on my own experience overcoming apathy in recovery, finding what I really wanted in life and fighting tooth and nail for it.

FOr 2 years I’ve hmmed and haaaed over this workshop, editing it to death until I finally said to hellwith it, it’s happening.

SO on May 13th my “Live Out Loud” workshop is happening. I’m excited but I’m also terrified. I’m worried no one will come, there’s a fairly big fundraiser that has been scheduled the same day (announced after all my posters were printed of course – ugh) and honestly I don’t feel like what I have to offer is important. My second biggest fear is that people will come and I will suck! Well, that’s just my own self doubts.

What I’ve always wanted to do is to turn my experience around to help others overcome the roadblocks they put in their own paths, to truly live their lives on their own terms. It will be one heck of a time leading up to the workshop and running it but I”m excited. I’m excited to finally put my foot forward in the world of actively helping others.

Some other exciting news; I have finally contacted a very important person in the long journey to achieving my big D dream. I have a dream, I want to run the mindfulness program at my old treatment program and help bring yoga (yes active yoga) to the patients in the intensive treatment program I attended. The trouble is that the doctor in charge is VERY resistant to any type of movement. I understand the need for caution but in my opinion recovery can not happen without learning to appreciate your body for everything it can do, experiencing it being strong and helping you live the life you want. You need to be able to exist in your skin, forget eventually feeling comfortable in your skin.

I think that the first hurtle in this plan will be to figure out the main issue preventing participants from being able to take part in the programming – activity and nutritional needs. For this reason I have chosen to try to get a meeting with one of the dietitians in the program so that she can help me put together a plan that the head doctor might be ok with. Hopefully I”ll have a meeting date soon!

So, here’s to progress and exciting things coming down the road.

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  1. karen |

    I think your ideas are great and would be a great asset to the program…hopefully the carge dr will agree….!!!


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