Weight Worries

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This seems to be a popular topic lately… I thought my weight gain was slowing down (FINALLY) but it appears I was getting too eagar too quickly. After a (fairly hefty) weight gain over the last 2 weeks I feel once again annoyed and defeated. My body image is distorted, I know that, but it’s



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Well, it’s been a CRAZY but amazing weekend of Easter festivities. We spent Saturday with my husband’s father’s side of the family. Lots of people, 5 dogs (not ours, she would be too crazy, but were training her for next year) and amazing food (including a marble cake with Nutella filling!) I really enjoyed myself.


Thoughts on the Experiment and Acceptance

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When I first started in recovery, my treatment team kept saying to treat recovery as an experiment. You are trying out something new to see how it fits, and you can always go back to your eating disorder if you want to, but you have to give the experiment a chance. I had a really


Feeling Self Destructive

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So, for the last little while I’ve been feeling more and more self-destructive. I don’t know for exactly how long because it’s built up slowly. For the last week and a couple days I have been tracking my calories again. It’s not overwhelming me and I’m not changing my decisions based on the numbers so