Thoughts on Medications in Recovery

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There are many different opinions about the use of medications in recovery from an eating disorder. Here, I present only my opinion based on my own experience and what I have seen of other’s experiences. When I was in treatment there were a few medications that my psychiatrist recommended to just about everyone. Your eating


The Eating Disorder Voice

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When trying to recover from an Eating Disorder, one of the hardest obstacles to come up against is yourself, or rather that part of yourself that many know as the eating disorder voice. It probably started as a whisper telling you that you weren’t good enough or didn’t deserve something nice. In fact, many people


Thoughts on Letting Go and Finding Hope

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Recovering from and eating disorder is one of the scariest things a person can do. It’s not like other illnesses or addictions – people with eating disorders often have more reasons to stay with their disorder than to leave it, I know when I took a closer look at my willingness and ambiguity in recovery


Thoughts on Regret in Recovery

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Regret: to feel sorrow or remorse, to think with a sense of loss disappointment of dissatisfaction, a feeling of sorrow or remorse for a fault or act. Regret is a very common feeling for those with eating disorders and is present throughout the illness and early recovery stages. When active in the disorder sufferers often


Exploring Your Vulnerability Factors

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When recovering from an Eating Disorder you have good days and bad days, days when recovery is almost effortless, and other days when you want to claw your skin off and embrace the urges fully. But what makes the difference between a good day and a bad day? Is it chance, completely random or is