Beating the Eating Disorder (the Secondary Symptoms)

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What I call the “secondary” symptoms of an eating disorder (described here) are often the trickiest to not only beat but even to spot. The trick to recognizing these little buggers is that they stick around even after the primary symptoms (binging, purging, restricting) dissipate. These are tiny little rituals and behaviours that keep the


Beating the Eating Disorder (the Primary Symptoms)

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As a follow up to my definitions for primary symptoms post, I would like to share how I personally overcame the primary eating disorder symptoms. Purging – This was a particularly hard symptom to overcome, I often had urges for hours and found it next to impossible to keep food down. The first thing I


Exploring Your Vulnerability Factors

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When recovering from an Eating Disorder you have good days and bad days, days when recovery is almost effortless, and other days when you want to claw your skin off and embrace the urges fully. But what makes the difference between a good day and a bad day? Is it chance, completely random or is


Thoughts on Commitment to Recovery

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I have been thinking a lot about my commitment to recovery, I explained my personal process to becoming commit here but I have been realizing that it is not just a one time thing – it requires constant re-commitment. In yoga I am doing an inner revolution program where you use yoga, food, meditation and “excavating